Cheongfai Electronic Manufactory Co., Ltd build up on 2007, located in Jiangmen, Guangdong. It takes about one and hour half by bus


from Guangzhou to Jiangmen. We are professional in manufacturing hand mixer, juicer, blender, coffee grinder and food processor and


 exporting to Middle East, South America, South East Asia, Russia and Africa for years.




Cheongfai Electronic Manufactory Co. Ltd. takes "people-oriented", "customer-oriented" and "quality first” as concept of development,


adhering first-class management, first-rate products and excellent service. Our products are very famous at home and abroad.


Currently, the corporate culture and the quality of staff keep improving. The mass production of goods according to ISO9001:2015 Standard.


They insist on strict management of production operations and product quality. All products are popular in overseas countries, which are in fantastic


 design, Good performance, multi-functional, reasonable prices and attentive service, so variety of products have received CB / CE / GS certificate.




Cheongfai Electronic Manufactory Co. Ltd. will always holds the  "people-oriented", "customer-oriented" and "quality first” to strive for more success


in the near future. We hope we can provide good quality products and good service to you.


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